The LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research, in partnership with the City Institute, C. W. Jefferys Collegiate and Westview Collegiate Institute, presented their Annual Graduate Student Symposium:   “A Healthy Community for Toronto’s Youth: How Researchers and Youth can work together to push the envelope to effect change”, on Monday, June 2, 2014.

Six domains were identified in this youth engagement initiative:

  • Relationships, including dating violence, bullying and family dynamics, (presented by Marina Heifetz and Jeremy Doucette)
  • Mental Health and Addictions, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse, (presented by Theresa Kim, Krysta McDonald, Armita Hosseini)
  • Geography/Physical Environment, including the importance of neighbourhoods and the right for everyone to help shape their surroundings, (presented by Bryony Halpin and Isabella Trindade)
  • Physical Health, including sports and recreation, physical development and body image, (presented by Theresa Beesely, Cassidy Preston, Rob Caratun, Lauren Tristani and Meg McPhie)
  • Culture/Values/Beliefs, including diversity, religion and identity, (presented by Leah Litwin, Ciann Wilson, Cynthia Shih and Rosalba Ceravolo)
  • Education/Career/Future, including school achievement and challenges to reaching goals, (presented by Julia Riddell, Julie Wallis and Alexandra Basile)