LaMarsh Gala Fundraising Event

child soldier1Michel, feb 27

The LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research held a gala fundraiser on February 27, 2015 at Theater Passe Muraille.   Guests enjoyed our inspirational keynote speaker Michel Chikwanine, a former child soldier who shared his experience, strength and hope.

LaMarsh Silent Auction, Feb 271-7717Music by Kristin Lindell

Guests carefully reviewed our silent auction talks assisted by graduate student volunteer, Tina Weston.  Music was provided by Kristin Lindell.

Antonio and Madalina, Feb 271-7724Yvonne's lab, feb 271-7725

Left Photo:  guests Dr. Antonio Zuffiano, University of Rome, and visiting graduate student Madalina Grigore, University of Rome, and her sister Roxana Grigore.

Right Photo:  Graduate students from Dr. Bohr's lab Kayla Hamel, Mingquian Lu, Debra Kanter and Carol Lee

Michel and LaMarsh Team1-7743yvonne, kojo and julia

Michel Chikwanine (keynote speaker), Irene Backhouse (LaMarsh Coordinator),  Dr. Yvonne Bohr (Director of LaMarsh), Julia Riddell, Kojo Mintah and Irina Kapler (LaMarsh Leadership Representatives)

gala audience 2, feb 27Director and actors Q&A

Q & A with director John Van Burek and actors Patricia Cano, Caity Quinn and Harveen Sandhu

Successful bidders for our silent auction talks are:  Julia Robertson and Jeff Borsten.  Successful bidder for our Shopper's Drug Mart basket is:   Yvonne Bohr.  Congratulations!

A special thank you to our major donors:
Cindy Blakely, Yvonne Bohr, Jessica Fraser-Thomas, Kenneth Huggesson,  Eric Jackman, Lozanne & Joe Wamback

Thank you to our generous contributors!
John Bankes, Katherin Bohr, Daniel Bohr-Lee, James Buchanan, Mandy Cole, Jennifer Connolly, Colio Winery, Barbara Crow, Desmond Ellis, Deborah Harding, Michaela Hynie, Will Gage, Heather Jenkin, Ivonne Kartarahardja, Betty Kashima, Tsorng-Yeh Lee, Anne Lalonde, Patrick Lee, Alison Macpherson, Susan McGrath, Anne Mellers, Mary Moore, Mr. & Mrs. L.H. Morgan, Catherine Oliver, Carolee Orme, Debra Pepler, Diane Perkin, Jeff Richardson, Andrew Schell, Camile Talag, Maggie Toplak, T. Tran,
Fred Weizman, Mary Wiktorowicz, Jianhong Wu,  Dean's Office - Faculty of Health,
Office of the Vice President, Research & Innovation

A heartfelt thank you to LaMarsh coordinator and leadership team for organizing this event: Irene Backhouse, Irina Kapler, Kojo Mintah and Julia Riddell

Thank you to our graduate student volunteers: Vanessa Foot, Katie Matthews and Tina Weston

Catering provided by: Urban Source Catering
Music provided by: Kristin Lindell
Photography generously provided by: Kashfia Alam