LaMarsh Annual Graduate Student Research Awards

This year, LaMarsh Graduate Student Award recipients engaged in the following collaborative, inter-disciplinary research.

  1. Mariami Bimm: "Parents in a Digital Age: How does Mobile Technology Affect Caregiver-Infant Interaction?"
  2. Samantha Chan: "Testing a hypothesized model on the associations among the positive and negative qualities of a previous romantic relationship, ER strategies and depressive symptoms in adolescence."
  3. Traci Fabri: "Psychological Effects on Varsity Athletes who have experienced a sport-related concussion."
  4. Vanessa Foot: "The connection between mattering and resilience."
  5. Asvini Keethakumar: "Examining the characteristics and prevalence of cocaine use in Canadian youth: a cross-sectional analysis from the Canadian Tobacco Alcohol and Drugs Survey."
  6. Amanda Mckinnon: "Developmental outcomes associated with sport participation among youth with disabilities."
  7. Vrati Mehra: "The association between Alcohol, Marijuana, Illegal Drug Use and Current Use of E-cigarettes Among Youth and Young Adults in Canada: Results from Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey, 2017."
  8. Annie Mills:  "Program evaluation of a peer to peer group counseling program for parents of children with autism in the South Asian community."
  9. Monica O'Neil: "Can Parent and Infant Behaviours During Vaccination Tell Us about Preschool Attachment Status?"
  10. Elizabeth Wanstall: "Estimations of Competence in Neurodevelopmental Conditions."