Susan Dion

Susan Dion

Assistant Professor


Department: Education
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Research Interests

Dr. Dion is an Indigenous scholar (Potawatami/Lenape) who has been working in the field of education for over thirty years. Dr. Dion specializes on issues related to Indigenous matters in education and the role of Indigenous relationships in teacher education. Her research interests also include topics such as Decolonizing and Indigenizing Education; Urban Aboriginal Education; and violence prevention in Indigenous communities. Dr. Dion's work with the Ontario Ministry of Education, TDSB and other initiatives on the decolonization of school curriculum has a wide impact on research and practical application of decolonization and indigenization methods within education. As an expert in the field, she is frequently consulted as an expert on Indigenous issues in education in the news media, speaker, and in other community contexts.

Published Manuscripts (Select Publications)

Rice, C., Dion, S. D., Fowlie, H., & Mündel, I. (2020). Re/turning the gaze: unsettling settler logics through multimedia storytelling. Feminist Media Studies, 1-19.

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